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BioPass™ Pass Through

BioPass™ Pass Through, a floor standing airtight transfer chamber, is an all-in-one automated hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) based biodecontamination solution functioning as a pass through cabinet to facilitate in the transfer of materials or specimen in and out of controlled environments such as cleanrooms or biosafety laboratories.

This is equipped with onboard ventilation, and built-in/ integrated Esco BioVap™ biodecontamination system with automated pressure testing capabilities.

Unlike ordinary pass through boxes or cabinets intended only for small material transfers, the BioPass™ Pass Through allows passing of large equipment into an ISO Class 5 cleanroom in an aseptic manner.

BioPass™ Pass Through cabinet is designed in compliance with cGMP requirements, and is constructed as a full 316L stainless steel pass through; therefore, making it suitable for extensive laboratory and/or cleanroom applications.

Industries Served:

  • Hospital
  • Food, Beverages & Confectionary
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Veterinary Surgeries
  • Dentist
  • Primary Healthcare Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical Industry