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Airflow Containment

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Ceiling Laminar Airflow

Ceiling Laminar Airflow (CLAF) unit is a containment equipment module utilizing a zoned unidirectional (laminar) downflow supply of air to positively pressurize and purge the working environment from potential contaminants; thereby providing enhanced aseptic work zones for maintaining process integrity and/or product protection.


  • Medical Industry (i.e., operating theatre)

  • Filling Line System ISO Class 5 coverage

  • Nanotechnology

  • High-End Electronics

  • Space Industry

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Research and Development Laboratories

Esco Pharma’s Ceiling Laminar Airflow units are customizable to be:

  • Utilized as open restricted access barrier system over filling and capping machines
  • Stand-alone units mounted via eye bolts and drop rods over specific applications
  • Stand-alone units mounted over mobile stands for mobile aseptic zones