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Scheduled Preventive Maintenance

ServicesScheduled Preventive Maintenance

Esco recommends that a Preventive Maintenance (PM) contract be taken with all equipment to prevent the development of any mechanical issues and to keep the device optimized. PM may be performed annually or biannually depending on the equipment type.

Esco services a wide range of equipment of various brands:

  • Isolators

  • Downflow Booths

  • Pass Boxes

  • Air Showers

  • Cleanroom Laminar Airflow Unit

  • Cleanroom Transfer Hatch

  • Dynamic Floor Label Hatch

  • Garment Storage Cabinet

  • Laminar Flow Trolley

  • Laminar Flow Straddle Unit

  • Soft Wall Cleanroom

  • Sputum Booth

  • Laminar Flow Benches

  • Ventilated Balance Enclosures

With our highly trained engineers, the safe and efficient upkeep of your non-Esco equipment are guaranteed.