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Providing enabling technologies to support you from Discovery to Delivery.

Upgrade Your Equipment With Us!

ServicesUpgrade Your Equipment With Us

Esco is dedicated to optimize the process of the clients; from equipment installation and validation up to its relocation and upgrade. This guarantees a minimized process disruption and the safety of the equipment.

Upgrading your Esco equipment is easily achieved with the flexible design and the various options that we cater:

  • Equipment Validation

  • Biodecontamination Cycle Development

  • Equipment Relocation

  • Cooling Coil Packages for Downflow Booths.

    - Addition of high containment screens for Downflow Booths.

  • Retrofit Solutions to reduce OELs through the addition of local exhaust ventilation (LEV) or changing filter housings in Downflow Booths to Bag-In, Bag-Out (BIBO):

    - Others as a custom request.