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Isolation Containment

Products A-Z Containment Isolator - Class III

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Streamline® Containment Isolator - Class III

The Streamline® Containment Isolator Class III (SCI Class III) configuration solely operates in a negative pressure, with its on-board fan providing -37 Pa to -125 Pa (max) in the process chamber and -25 Pa to -75 Pa (max) in the pass-through chamber.

"To comply fully with biosafety standards, the unit must be ducted to the building exhaust to meet negative pressure BSL-3 requirements."

It provides an ISO Class 5 unidirectional total exhaust airflow, ensuring the sterility of the work zone during the whole manufacturing process. It is also equipped with double exhaust HEPA filters via Bag-In, Bag-Out (BIBO) system to prevent untoward exposure during filter change procedures. It has an option to place one (1) dunk at the side of the work zone (external).

Plug and Play! For clients or facilities that do not have the capacity to provide a 100% ducting system, the SCI Class III and its optional feature for an integrated enhanced blower exhaust module system, can easily achieve a pressure of up to -125Pa.

Key Benefits:

  • Complies with the international cGMP standards

  • Class 3 pressure tested as per ISO 10648-2

  • ISO Class 5 air cleanliness as per ISO 14644-1

  • Fast purging time

  • Compliant to USP <797> <800>