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Isolation Containment

Products A-Z Containment Barrier Isolators - H: Hybrid (CBI-H)

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Containment Barrier Isolators - H: Hybrid (CBI-H)

Your Practical Solution to cGMP Compliance

Containment Barrier Isolator - Convertible Class III/Class I Biosafety Cabinet (CBI-H) builds on Esco Pharma’s success of CBI-III. It allows operators to work via a removable glove visor to convert the cabinet and function as a Class III or a Class I Biosafety Cabinet as per EN 12469 standards. In BSC Class III mode, the operator works through a glove port attached to a removable panel. It can be converted to a BSC Class I by removing the closure panel and attaching a blanking plate over the inlet HEPA filter.

To ensure maximum performance, commissioning and preventive maintenance of the cabinet must be done in both modes.


  • Laboratory containment for handling biological agents of up to level 4

  • Research and development