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Cross-Contamination Facility Integrated Barrier

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Cleanroom Air Showers

Esco Air Showers (EAS) are self-contained chambers installed strategically at entrances to cleanrooms and other controlled environments. They minimize particulate matter entering or exiting the clean space to mitigate the risk for cross-contamination.

Personnel and materials entering or exiting the controlled environment are “scrubbed” with H14-filtered air by high-velocity air jets running at 18-30 m/s (3543-5906 fpm). Contaminated air is then drawn through the base within the unit, filtered and recirculated.

Esco is the pioneering company for the manufacture and construction of cleanroom air showers with

different applications in the following areas:

  • micro-electronics
  • semiconductors
  • pharmaceutical
  • spray painting
  • laboratory animal research
  • food markets

With greater than 40 years of experience in the industry, Esco is consistently manufacturing, and supplying reliable air showers and clean air solutions to reduce the potential for cross-contamination, and enhance cleanroom integrity.