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Streamline® Compounding Isolator

Esco Pharma’s Streamline® Compounding Isolator (SCI) provides a sterile environment for sterile/aseptic preparations and is designed in compliance with USP <797> and <800> criteria. It is factory-configured to operate either in a positive or negative pressure mode or with a recirculating or total exhaust airflow scheme.

This compounding aseptic/sterile containment isolator (CACI) is designed in compliance with international cGMP standards and classified under Class 3 Leak Tight Containment as per ISO 10648-2.

Positive pressure is for sterile non-hazardous materials while negative pressure is for containment of sterile hazardous substances.

Key Benefits:

  • Complies with the international cGMP standards

  • Compliant to USP <797> and <800> guidelines

  • Class 3 pressure tested as per ISO 10648-2

  • ISO Class 5 air cleanliness as per ISO 14644-1

  • Fast purging time