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Isolation Containment

Products A-Z Cell Processing Isolator (CPI)

Operator Protection

Product Protection

Environmental Protection

Clean Air

Cell Processing Isolator (CPI)

The Cell Processing Isolator (CPI) is an integrated system that combines several types of equipment into one isolation technology.

It is designed to isolate the process to ensure operator safety without compromising product quality. It also provides a sterile ISO Class 5/Grade A environment that is required to carry out aseptic processes.


  • Allogenic Cell Therapy 

  • Autologous Cell Therapy

  • Biosafety/Animal Biosafety Level 3/4 Containment

  • Cell Banking 

  • Monoclonal Antibody Productiong 

  • Phase III Clinical Trial

  • Protein Production

  • Vaccine Research

  • Virus Production