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Automotive Industry

SolutionsAutomotive Industry

The automotive industry encompasses companies and activities involving manufacture of motor vehicles which include components such as engines and bodies, excluding tires, batteries, and fuel. The principal products of this industry are passenger automobiles and light trucks, including pickups, vans, as well as sports utility vehicles.

The automotive industry has been growing fast and its technical development had inquired special classes for technical cleanliness. Cleanliness is vital as the tolerances of the assemblies built into vehicles become lower, and their parts also compiled to support relatively higher stress, therefore making them more sensitive to particle contamination. Example is of a chip that is only a few microns length, this has the capacity to compromise or even cause failure to an entire complex hydraulic system.

To ensure quality, safety and reliability, it is important to have a control/function area which is free of critical impurities coming from the production process and environment. To further prevent contamination, standardizing the environmental production can be done and this involves, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Cleanroom classification
  • Particle monitoring
  • Clothing
  • Air conditioning
Esco offers a wide range of products and cleanroom components that allows efficient manufacturing/ processing of automotive components. Examples of these include Isolators and Laminar Flow Straddle Units.

Maintenance of controlled room condition and reduction of cross-contamination is enhanced with pass boxes, pass-through, and air showers at the exit, and/or in between the controlled room and its external environment.

Esco Pharma with its innovative and turnkey solutions, backed with its four (4) core technologies, enables various industries such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and cosmeceuticals to comply with the internationally accredited GMP, as well as, industrial, environmental, and health and safety standards.


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