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Products A-Z Technetium Dispensing Isolators

Operator Protection

Product Protection

Environmental Protection

Clean Air

Technetium Dispensing Isolators

For Safe Handling of Radiopharmaceuticals

Radioisotope Dispensing Isolator is designed to provide safe, controlled, and sterile environment for elution and dispensing of radiopharmaceuticals. It is configured to operate at a negative pressure in a single pass airflow. It provides a comprehensive personnel and product protection.

Personnel protection is achieved by adequate shielding of the generator as well as the whole workstation. The air of each enclosure is provided with HEPA filters with MPPS of 99.997% to ensure product protection. Constructed of 316L stainless steel, the Radioisotope Dispensing Isolator, it consists of 2 parts: the Process Chamber and Pass-through Chamber.


  • Generator-based radioisotope dispensing

  • Handling of radiopharmaceuticals

  • QC tests of radiopharmaceuticals